How Can I make a White Sauce Without Constantly Stirring?

For full details, please watch the video. Below are just some helpful notes for your reference.

Notes from this video:

The easiest white sauce proportions for a white sauce:

1 part flour and 1 part butter to 10 parts milk 

For example:

100g Flour, 100g of Butter to 1000ml of Milk

25g Flour, 25g Butter to 250ml of Milk

Butter is optional with the microwave method – you can keep the flour and milk amounts the same, just leave the butter out (or reduce the quantity). You don’t get as silky a finish but if you’re on a calorie controlled diet, you have this as an option.

I would recommend using whole milk (2%) if possible. Semi-skimmed (1.5%) will also work. The texture is not as good with skimmed (0%) milk.


Each microwave is different but I would say to start with 5 minutes for the first round if you’re using 1000ml and 2 minutes if you’re using 250ml.

Benefits of Microwave Method:

The main benefit of the microwave method is that you don’t have to worry about it burning at the bottom or boiling over your pot and making a mess if you leave it unattended.  So if you have young kids (or if you have pressing social media needs), this method will allow you to make a white sauce without having to watch over it.

If you’re making a small amount of sauce, I find the stove method easier as the sauce comes together very quickly anyway. The microwave method is particularly helpful for larger quantities. You can freeze white sauce so it’s probably more convenient to do multiple portions at a time.

Are there downsides to the microwave method?

Well, if you’re making the white sauce to be added as part of a recipe, say a lasagna or moussaka, then there is no discernible difference between the microwave method.

If you’re serving the white sauce directly as a finished sauce, you may detect a very slight taste of flour because unlike the stove top method, the flour and butter are not combined and cooked into a roux first.

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  • Cara says:

    Great tips for a smooth sauce Andrea! Quick question, do you cover the bowl in the microwave and if so what are your views on using cling film? I tend to use a plastic lid.

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