How Does a High Speed Blender Compare to a Regular Blender When Making Nut Milks?

This week’s Q&A question is “How Does a High Speed Blender Compare to a Regular Blender When Making Nut Milks?”.

Nut Milks are all the rage right now and I’ve been asked about making nut milks and also about high speed blenders. The demonstration in this week’s video covers both aspects.

I still consume some dairy but in my part-time vegan effort, I sometimes have nut milks instead. However, the reason I got a high speed blender was in order to do recipe/technique testing for clients.

The proportions I generally use for nut milks are: 1 cup of (pre-soaked) nuts to 3 cups of water. I sometimes dilute the milk a little thereafter (walnut milk for instance is very…walnuty!).

In the video, each blender had 206g of cashew nuts each (weighed after soaking) with 3 cups of water. I didn’t particularly want to eat 12g of soaked cashews*, which, I know, would have made a nice round 200g each.

*had they been roasted and salted on the other hand…

Anyway, the results of the test:

High speed blender: 50g of nuts left in the bag after filtering

Regular Blender: 124g of nuts left in bag after filtering

Therefore around 2.5 times more nuts left unprocessed when using a regular blender. Or at least with my two blenders! I would love to hear your experience.

Here is the comparison:

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