How will your Cooking For Life course be delivered?

A 12-week online course

This course is not something that you download once and leave languishing on your computer while you wait for that moment when you can catch a breath from work. I know I’ve been there. Many times.

So I’ve designed this course using my experience as a trainer, Tiny Habits coach and someone who has spent a lot of time figuring out the honest truth of how we function (not our intentions but how we actually behave).

The course is broken down into very small activities over the 12 weeks and more importantly, I will be watching you! I can see how much progress you’ve made. I will cheer you on, lift you up and also give you space to digest.

You’re definitely not left to fend for yourself on this course. You do, however, have the freedom to fit it around your life because you can go at your own pace. So although it’s designed for 12 weeks, you’ll have online access to the group for at least 12 months so you can go at your own pace. And I’ll still be here to answer your questions too.

And you can also save all the materials onto your computer/tablet for offline access forever too!

A platform specifically designed for learning transfer

I searched and searched and searched for years for a platform that has a plain and simple interface for learners and allows the trainer, the coach and the leaner to track progress.

And here it is. I made a big investment to give you a much better chance of retaining what you learn and applying the skills and insights into your life!

This is Promote.

6 live group Q&A video calls

We know how helpful it is to have check-ins with a real person. We also know that you’re busy so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you by having live video calls scheduled every two weeks. You will be able to ask your questions, discuss solutions to your challenges and share your successes.

And you will also have access to the recordings of all the calls in case you’re unable to join in live.

Materials for different learning styles

The materials for our classes are designed to help a number of different learning styles:

  • Each lesson will include a short video with instructions.
  • You will also have a written version of the video instructions.
  • You’ll get handouts with exercises and notes.
  • There’ll be cheat sheets and tips.
  • You can even listen to the audio version if you want to get a head start as you commute home


A Supportive Community 

You will have the opportunity to connect with others who are, or have been, on the course via Facebook as well as the course’s own platform.

If you’re not on Facebook or hardly use it (totally understandable!), you will still be able to interact with group members who started on the same date as you.