Are you focused on your career or business but would like to whip up delicious & nutritious meals?

Are you stuck cooking the same handful of trusty (but now a little boring) dishes that you know?

Are you a slave to recipes and nervous about just throwing ingredients together on your own?

You’re not alone.

After all, we don’t just want our cake and eat it too. That’s so last century.

Now we want to have a distinguished career, look fabulous, feel vibrant, be healthy, throw dinner parties like a god/goddess and be able to say “what this dish? Oh I just threw it together in fifteen minutes” all whilst shaking our guests an unforgettable cocktail. You know, the life everyone else on the internet seems to be having.

So the idea of finishing a long day of work, then shopping for particular ingredients for a recipe (why do supermarkets hide the ingredients when we are in a hurry?) and slaving away for a meal is way to unsexy to even fathom.

I hear you.

But cooking the same reliable dishes is not exactly living the dream either.

And cooking the same dish over and over again for guests feels like only have one good outfit.  You look good but not sizzlingly hot like you could.

So how can we come even close to replicating the elusive “life that everyone else has”?

You want all the wonderful things above but your work (and your precious relaxation time!) takes priority…

Cooking For Life is a course specially designed to bring you close to that magical ideal of confidently whipping up delicious food without much effort.


You might be skeptical. I certainly would be if I were you.

You’ve seen books or TV programmes that promise that you can cook a meal within 15 minutes and you find that 15 minutes later you’re still crying from chopping the first onion and not even close to seeing a finished meal…The last time you tried to follow one of these TV chefs, you squandered hours of your precious time cleaning up (they never show you that bit, do they?) and you’re understandably wary of big promises.

So how is this course any different?

Read on to find out…